Blue Light Glasses... How do they work? How can I use them to promote safety and grow business?

  • Feb 3, 2020


Blue Light is a particular form of visible light, while UV Light emitted from the sun is an example of non-visible light. UV Light affects the front of your eye (like a sunburn) while Blue Light affects the back of your eye.

Light Wave

Blue Light has particularly intense wavelengths with more energy than other forms of visible light, so it travels further through your eye.



Blue Light

Screens (Television, Computer, Phones, Tablets)

Fluorescent + LED lights.

The Sky! Blue Light is what makes the sky look blue. Your body uses that blue light exposure to regulate sleep & wake cycles.

Studies say that 60% of all adult Americans spend 6+ hours a day in front of a blue light emitting screen!




Circadian Rhythm Disruption: Blue Light triggers your body to think it is day time. If you use screens at night your body will resist falling asleep!

Eye Strain: Headaches, Blurry vision, mental fatigue.


Macular Degeneration

Certain occupations are more at risk than others!

  • Lighting installers
  • Surgeons
  • Dentists


Light Lenses

They limit the amount of blue light filtering through your glasses and in turn, your eyes!


70% of adults who report regular usage of media devices experience some symptoms of digital eyestrain, but many did nothing to lessen their discomfort, mainly due to lack of knowledge.

How can my business use Blue Light Glasses? With your logo on Blue Light Glasses like those shown above, your brand can be seen and help others see safely without harmful blue light when they are looking at screens. Show them your brand cares about the health and safety of their eyes.


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