Getting New Business is In The Bag! - Part 1

  • Jan 30, 2018


5 Reasons Why Logo Bags Are A Vital Marketing Tool: 


1. Promo Bags are Reusable - most logo bags are reusable. The fact they get used over and over again is good for the environment and it's also great for your brand's visibility. The more a bag is reused the more opportunities for your brand to be seen! 


2. Logo Bags have a Big Impact - a promotional bag is a walking billboard for your brand! Bags generate more impressions(number of times the brand is seen) over their lifespan than any other promotional product. They are everywhere.- grocery totes, farmers markets, retail store, trade shows, corporate events, conferences and training sessions. Corporations love the large imprint areas to promote their brands. Store owners and shoppers appreciate them as a reusable solution for plastic bag bans and environmental concerns



3. Promotional Bags have Staying Power - people keep bags more than 7 months on average.This means they remain to be used over & over again. They also remain for your brand to be seen repeatedly. There are many types of bags such as totes, drawstring backpacks, paper or plastic bags for retail stores, briefcase bags, duffel bags, beach bags, travel bags, laptop bags & many more. With so many uses and applications it's no wonder people hang on to bags for long periods of time.


4. Branded Bags are Memorable - In the United States, a bag will generate nearly 5800 impressions or views during its lifespan. In a survey, 85% of recipients of promo bags said they could clearly identify the advertiser who gave them the bag! These recipients also said they now had a "more favorable impression" of the advertiser. Best of all, half of recipients reported a greater likelihood of doing business with the advertiser after receiving the bag!



5. Logo Bags are Cost Effective - Because a bag stays around a long time and generate more impressions than any other promotional product, they are powerful branding tools. In addition this gives promo bags a very low cost per impression allowing your brand to raise lasting awareness while protecting your marketing budget.

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