Getting New Business is In The Bag! - Part 2

  • Feb 7, 2018

4 Types of Branded Promo Bags:

In part 1 of our series on logo bags we looked at the major benefits your brand gets when you use promotional bags with your logo. In this post you'll see 4 types of bags that will promote your brand well:


1. Tote Bags - Likely the most popular category of bags. Totes are easily the type of bag with the most options, styles & colors. You can also find different designs, pockets zippers or just do as basic as a single color fabric with same color handles and a 1 color imprint. A trend in tote bags is a clear stadium compliant bag(shown immediately to the right). The clear bags are perfect for other events, concerts and travel. The grocery totes that you see with the logo of major retailers on them are a commonly seen type of tote bags.


For more information on tote bags click here:



2. Backpacks - Originally used by campers & hikers, backpacks now have wide appeal to a massive audience. Many men are ditching the briefcase for backpacks that have padding that protect laptops. Backpacks range from inexpensive drawstring backpack bags to retail brands with many pockets & options. Another trend for drawstring backpacks is where a portion of the bag is made from mesh materials so that used game uniforms and fitness workout clothes have a chance to breathe when closed up in a bag. 


For more information on backpack style bags click here:



3. Fitness Bags & Sports Waist Packs - the health & fitness industry is thriving in the United States. With the many gyms, fitness centers and weight loss centers dotting the landscape this represents a great opportunity for your brand to be seen. Another bag type that will be seen often on the way to and from exercise and fitness sessions is the versatile duffel bag. The duffel comes with many options, pockets, handles & straps and is also useful for those who play tennis or other sports. 


Another type of fitness bag that is crucial for holding smartphones, keys, credit cards & more is the Sports Belt. It's perfect for hiking, biking, walking or running. As is the case with all fitness bags, your logo is prominently seen on the front of the Sports Belt! 

For more information on Fitness & Sports Bags click here:



4. Foldable/Packable Bags - these bags are the ultimate in convenience. Perfect for travel & shopping, this type of bag folds down into itself a pocket or another part of the bag for easy packing on trips or carrying when not in use. These are easy to store in a purse or glovebox or back pocket! These are extremely popular retail promotions!

For more information on foldable or packable bags please click here:


As you can see, there are many types of bags that will show off your brand! Hopefully, we're showing you lots of reasons why Getting New Business is In The Bag!  We'll show a few more types of bags in our next blog post! Thanks for reading!


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