Getting New Business is In The Bag! - Part 3

  • Feb 23, 2018

3 More Types of Branded Promo Bags


In our last post we discussed 4 useful types of logo bags. In this post we're going to explore 3 more types of bags that can take your next promotion from ordinary to phenomenal!


1. Cooler bags - these useful bags contain insulation to keep items cool! They vary from lunch coolers to can and bottle coolers to coolers that can carry an entire picnic all the way up to cooler bags big enough for wheels and telescoping handles. Your logo on these will get your brand seen at work, the park, the beach, the ballgame, in the boat, on the golf course and in the home and in so many more places where these indispensable bags are seen! There is a cooler to fit every need & budget. People keep coolers which means your branding will live on to be seen many times over the life of the cooler!


For more information on cooler bags with your logo:


2. Paper & Plastic Bags -  many of these bags are used in Retail, Point of Purchase situations. There are many sizes, shapes, handle styles and colors to choose from. Let the bag carry your brand with your logo on glossy big paper bags for shopping or paper bags with no handles for small merchandise. Plastic bags with built in handles, cut in to the top of the bag are perfect for your next trade show, conference or meetings. They do a fabulous job of holding important papers, brochures, business cards and promotional products and swag items. There are even washable paper bags that are perfect for environmentally conscious, earth friendly promotional use. Another new development in plastic bags is one that when discarded, exposure to sunlight, oxygen and heat will convert the plastic into water, carbon dioxide, mineral salt and bio mass. It will disappear over time and leave no harmful residue in the soil! There is a paper or plastic bag for virtually any need that your business or organization has.


For more information on paper or plastic bags with your logo: 


3. Travel Bags - There are so many options to choose from in this type of bag.Who doesn't travel? These bags are the perfect way for your logo to be seen! A hanging garment bag protects clothes while they travel. When they get to the hotel they simply unfold it and hang the bag in the closet. Every time they see your logo they think positively about your brand and the care you took to give them this gift. Another travel bag that will do a great job promoting your brand is the toiletry bag. There are lots of styles and colors but one of my favorites is one that you can hang on the back of the bathroom door when traveling. It should have lots of pockets & zippers. Then we have the cosmetic bag which is another way to keep your brand in front of them. 



For more information on travel bags with your logo:


This concludes our review of popular types of promotional bags. So many more types of bags than we covered in this post and our previous post. As you can see, there are many reasons why Getting New Business is in The Bag! Thanks for reading!

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