People Hate Ads! How Can I Make My Brand Outstanding?

  • Feb 1, 2019

The statistics are in. In case you wondered, people don't like advertising. Consider the following:

  • 68% of people avoid online video ads
  • 66% don't watch TV ads
  • 57% ignore digital ads
  • 38% block mobile ads
  • 50% throw away direct mail
  • 48% skip print ads
  • 46% delete marketing emails
  • 46% don't listen to radio commercials

Certainly, you've found this to be true in your personal experience. Even if you don't have a commercial free TV service such as Netflix, or use a DVR so you can skip the ads, there's always the remote control to help us avoid the ads. Then there are commercial free radio services. And the dreaded delete icon for your marketing emails. Too little time, too many ads and too many other choices. 

What is a brand to do?

What if I told you there is a way for your brand to be seen, noticed and remembered? A way that if done right, people will actually stand in line to receive your "advertising". They'll answer a survey, fill out an online form or open your direct mail when this type of "advertising" is included. They'll stop and listen at your trade show booth for this "advertising" and remember your brand long after the trade show is over. This is the only "advertising" they will actually Thank You for giving them! What is the "advertising" that people actually want? Promotional Marketing Ideas! With these they'll display your logo in their home, office, on their desk, on their wall, on their cell phone and even on their bodies (think shirts and caps here)! When done right, they don't avoid promotional products, they want them! They actually want your "advertising"! In fact 71% of recipients feel happiness toward the brand who gave them the gift of "advertising"! 



Now the question is how to do promotional products right?

1. Tie the promotional item to your target recipients - what is something that appeals to the audience receiving the branded gift? Something they may use where they make decisions about using your product or service? Something that applies to their industry will get used much more often.

2. Give branded items that are useful - everyone is constantly engaged with their phone so ideas that help them stay connected will always be used. A device that helps that phone stay charged on the go is used, appreciated and makes your brand the hero. What about a notebook that charges your phone?


notebook charger


3. Give items that are unique - for example, if you give a pen don't just give one they can get anywhere. Give one that makes them put away their favorite pen, one that makes your logo flash in many colors (see our 39 second video of one that does just that by clicking here: Flashing Logo Pen). If your client travels a lot, you could get them a nice neck pillow. Or how about a fully customized belt or socks as unique ways to get your brand out there? How about a fishing bobber for a boat show? With over 1,000,000 different ideas available, we can help you find something that can help you "brand out from the crowd" in a world noisy and overflowing with advertising. 


4. Don't go "cheap" - there's an old saying "you get what you pay for". This is very true concerning promotional products. If your logo is on a pen and that pen either doesn't write or falls apart when they attempt to write with it, what does it say about your brand? 

5. Personalize your promotional products where possible - If you really want to make a connection between the recipient and your brand, put their name on the item. They may like or even love your brand, but they really love their name! Which ideas are going to get used more, the items with their name or without their name? 



6. Distribution - promotional marketing ideas are the only advertising in which you control the distribution. You give the items to who you want to have them, when you them to have them and even where you want them to have the branded promotional products. For example, at an event like a trade show you control the distribution. Do a pre-show mailing to draw in the prospects you want & keep your branded promotional products under your table. When attendees present you with your postcard or listen to what you have to say, give them your promotional product. Never put a bowl of "stuff" on your table at trade shows, conferences or other events. You control the distribution to those who are prospective clients!  

Conclusion: When promotional products are done right, they can be advertising that people will stand in line for instead of advertising that people avoid, click past, or fast forward through! There is a saying I've heard in our industry: You can't fast forward a t-shirt! Or a phone charger! Or a stainless steel tumbler! Or a sticky note pad! Or a fishing bobber!  Or hundreds of thousands of other creative possibilities! 

Remember, advertising doesn't work if it's in the trash or fast forwarded!

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Source of statistics: PPAI

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