Why Use Promotional Calendars? 7 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love With Custom Printed Calendars

  • Aug 23, 2018

What is the biggest myth about printed, physical calendars and planners? "No one uses printed calendars anymore! Everyone uses their smartphone or laptop!" Are you kidding me? Examine the following evidence:


1. Printed Calendars are Wanted and Usedin the age of smartphones and calendar apps, a paper calendar with your brand logo on it is still in high demand by your clients and prospects. According to a recent study, printed calendars are in nearly 80% of businesses and in 80% of homes. On average there are 3+ calendars in homes and 2 in offices. In an ever increasing technological age, it is important to know that the printed advertising calendar is still relevant and needed. 

2. Promotional Calendars are Viewed Daily - No other form of advertising can make this claim. Why? Consumers report displaying their calendars for a full 12 months. Viewed daily an average of 5-10 times per day they can recall the advertisers name on their calendar for 1 year!



3. Printed Calendars Make Great Gifts - 82% of recipients enjoy getting a calendar as a gift. Here is the opportunity for your brand: 60% in the study report they would purchase a calendar if they were not given one! Be the hero! Give them one with your logo and let it work for you all year long!

4. Promotional Calendars are Extremely Cost Effectivethe average branded calendar costs less than 1 cent per day. Many are much less such as calendar magnets and the stick on type of small magnets. Many wall calendars, such as the one shown right above are less than 1/2 cent per day.

5. Calendar Apps are Used Much Less Than You Might Realizedid you know that 50% of those surveyed have never used the calendar function on their smartphone? This means there are many people waiting to receive a physical calendar with your logo and contact information on it! The branding opportunities for your calendar just keep on coming!

6. Calendars Printed with Your Logo are Appreciated - 75% of calendar recipients do business with the company that gave them the calendar. Furthermore, they plan to continue to do business with that company.

7. Branded Calendars Make a Positive Impression94% of business people can remember the advertising message on the promotional calendar given to them by a company.


Bonus Reason to Love Promotional Calendars - since most calendars are printed on paper they are recyclable at the end of each year.

Bonus Calendar Trend - many calendars can be printed with the individual's name, making calendars very personal and even more likely to be kept and used. Your brand alongside your individual client or employees names = a winning combination!



Conclusion: From his book, Delivering Marketing Joy! How to Grow Your Business with Promotional Products, Kirby Hasseman, who calls calendars a "foundational piece of marketing", suggests saying the following out loud:

"Do I want want my customers and prospects to take my basic who-what-where message and hang it on their wall all year long? Uh, of course you do!"

"Do I want these same customers and prospects to hang my brochure up on their wall all year? Sure! That would be ideal for any type of business."

"Do I want to have this sort of exposure(did I mention it was all year?) for the cost of one radio campaign? Well-yes!"


In our next post we'll take a look at the different types of calendars available to help determine the best fit to promote your business all year long! Thanks for reading! 


Source: PPAI

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