Wireless charging is the latest and greatest way to charge mobile devices.

  • Feb 27, 2020

Wireless charging is the latest and greatest way to charge mobile devices. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about wireless chargers.

What is wireless charging?

How does it work?

How do you identify a quality wireless charger?

Wireless Chargers


Wireless charging is a method of charging electronic devices, like smartphones, without the use of a cable. The technical term is inductive charging.


2 things


With these two elements present, the charging process is simple:  place the smartphone on the wireless charger, and it will begin charging instantly.




 Advantages of wireless charging include:


universal compatibility

branding opportunities


People Working


Wireless chargers provide the convenience of wire-free charging. There is no need to worry about a forgotten charging cable or compatibility issues. Wireless charging offers true universal compatibility for all Qi-enabled devices.

Let's not forget about visibility! A wireless charger is one of the most useful branding tools around. The universal presence of charging pads and stands will leave a lasting impression on users anywhere.




Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the key to knowing whether you’re getting a quality wireless charger.

Qi is the established wireless charging standard. It’s owned by a group called The Wireless Power Consortium, and it’s backed by nearly every major mobile device manufacturer.

Qi logo

The Wireless Power Consortium’s aim is to deliver safe, easy to use wireless charging, as well as compatibility with all devices that have the Qi logo.



Qi-Certified VS. Qi-Standard?

Both Qi-Certified and Qi-Standard devices have been manufactured to meet or exceed Qi specifications, resulting in the highest quality product. The difference between Qi-Certified and Qi-Standard is that Qi-Certified wireless chargers have been tested by a third party, whereas Qi-Standard devices have been tested by the manufacturer.


Qi Badge


Wireless chargers emit a harmless signal that looks for a wireless charging receiver, like the one in a Qi-enabled smartphone. The signal emitted does not extend past the maximum distance specified on the wireless charger (3mm–10mm), provided that the wireless charger meets safety regulations set by organizations like the FCC and CE.

fcc ce

Is a wireless charger safe to use anywhere?

Yes, wireless chargers are safe for use anywhere—even in close proximity for extended periods of time. As long as the wireless charger is within the 110–205khz frequency range, it is safe to use virtually anywhere.

What is so special about the 110-205khz frequency range?

Devices operating within this frequency rate will not interfere with the normal operation of nearby wireless equipment such as hearing aids, pacemakers, and other medical or entertainment devices.

Wireless chargers will not interfere with Infrared(IR) devices such as Thermometers, Pulsometers, Tonometers and TV remotes.


Safe to use in:

Safe for


Devices that are 7.5W/10W are considered fast-charging. Wireless chargers that support 7.5W/10W are preferred to the 5W chargers because they charge a fast-charging, Qi-enabled smartphone up to twice as fast than a 5W charger.


Did you know?



Inductive charging, also known as wireless charging, creates power by passing an electrical current between two coils, 1) receiving and 2) transmitting coil. When this happens, an 3) electromagnetic field (EMF) is created.

When the receiving electromagnetic field on the mobile device comes into contact, or within the range, of the wireless transmitter, the electromagnetic field generates an 4) electrical current. That current is converted into direct current(DC). Just like wired charging, the direct current (DC) charges the device’s battery!



When selecting a wireless charger for promotional use, these key considerations need to be taken into account.

Power Requirements

Looking for a quick-charging (7.5W/10W) wireless solution or a standard 5W charger? This will help you narrow down the available wireless charging options.

Decoration Needs

Looking for a modern high-gloss look, a vintage canvas look, or a one-of-a-kind wireless charger with the highest quality dye-sublimated imprint? Explore all options. The more unique the product is, the more memorable and successful the branding program will be.


Knowing the budget will tell you whether you need to look for Qi-Certified or Qi-Standard wireless chargers. Qi-certified chargers have a higher price-point due to third-party testing.


Branded Wireless Charger Options:

While there are numerous wireless chargers available with your logo here are two:

Standard Charging: https://www.mylogosource.com/p/XSOCF-NKLAL

Fast Charging: https://www.mylogosource.com/p/TNMJC-MYTJI

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