Wireless charging is the latest and greatest way to charge mobile devices.

Feb 27, 2020

Wireless charging is the latest and greatest way to charge mobile devices. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about wireless chargers. What is wireless charging? How doe...

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100% Recycled Fabric Tee Shirt? Imagine The Benefits For The Earth and Your Brand

Feb 14, 2020

Our new affordable District Re-Tee is 100% recycled fabric and never re-dyed, made from reclaimed material that could otherwise end up in a landfill. The Re-Tee is composed o...

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Blue Light Glasses... How do they work? How can I use them to promote safety and grow business?

Feb 03, 2020

WHAT IS BLUE LIGHT? Blue Light is a particular form of visible light, while UV Light emitted from the sun is an example of non-visible light. UV Light affects the front of your eye (like a sunburn...

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3 Myths About Polo Shirts That Are Simply Not True

Jun 26, 2019

When you think of polo shirts, what words come to mind? Chances are "trendy" and "stylish" are not the first things that pop into your head. Polos are incredibly popular, especially in the world of...

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People Hate Ads! How Can I Make My Brand Outstanding?

Feb 01, 2019

The statistics are in. In case you wondered, people don't like advertising. Consider the following: 68% of people avoid online video ads 66% don't watch TV ads 57% ignore digital ads 38% bloc...

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What is Trending in Promotional Products for 2019?

Jan 10, 2019

Whether it’s an item color, fabric pattern, material or an innovative function, product trends represent something new – and nothing captures our attention like something new. Here are ...

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Why Use Promotional Calendars? 7 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love With Custom Printed Calendars

Aug 23, 2018

What is the biggest myth about printed, physical calendars and planners? "No one uses printed calendars anymore! Everyone uses their smartphone or laptop!" Are you kidding me? Examine the following...

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Know People Who Love to Plan? 5 Ways to Keep Your Logo in Front of Them.

Jul 20, 2018

Calendars, planners, and clocks are some of the most popular promotional product ideas because they are useful, inexpensive, and receive innumerable impressions on a daily basis. Brand these everyd...

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Why Use Promotional Products? 10 Solid Reasons Why You Should.

Jul 06, 2018

What exactly are Promotional Products? Usually printed with a company name, logo or message, they are items that are for marketing and communication programs. Imprinted items that are distributed f...

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Golf and Promotional Products - A Tee-Rific Twosome!

Mar 16, 2018

Spring is upon us the weather will be warming up soon and that means folks will be dusting off their clubs and heading out to the golf course. Golf is enormously popular in the U.S. and Canada beca...

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Getting New Business is In The Bag! - Part 3

Feb 23, 2018

3 More Types of Branded Promo Bags In our last post we discussed 4 useful types of logo bags. In this post we're going to explore 3 more types of bags that can take your next promotion from ord...

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Getting New Business is In The Bag! - Part 2

Feb 07, 2018

4 Types of Branded Promo Bags: In part 1 of our series on logo bags we looked at the major benefits your brand gets when you use promotional bags with your logo. In this post you'll see 4 types of...

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Getting New Business is In The Bag! - Part 1

Jan 30, 2018

5 Reasons Why Logo Bags Are A Vital Marketing Tool: 1. Promo Bags are Reusable - most logo bags are reusable. The fact they get used over and over again is good for the environment and it's...

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10 Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Work Clothing

Jan 25, 2018

Garment Care Tips - the 411! Clothing, especially your career apparel, is worth taking care of. Proper clothing care will save you time, money and will insure that you look your best. Here are s...

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